Things Changed Quickly

"When I needed to find assisted living for my father I was faced with making important decisions for him and me. His situation had changed quickly and I had not researched living arrangements nor did I know where to go to find the answers I needed. I was given Connie's phone number and with one call I started to feel like I had a partner helping me through all of the choices available. After one meeting Connie had me feeling comfortable about the different living situations, gave me contacts for financial and benefit advice and she suggested a variety of housing options within our budget. Connie took the time to visit homes with my wife and me and we narrowed the choices to two. She then revisited the homes with my father and to my surprise he picked the home that I thought would be his second choice. By asking the right questions, Connie was able to find out what was really important to him not what I thought would be important to him. In the end he was able to get into a home that he enjoys, can afford, and gives him the level of care he needs. I can honestly say that the process would have been incredibly difficult without Connie's guidance and I do not think I would have asked the questions I needed to without her help. The entire process took two weeks and I felt like I had a partner helping me through to the end. I would suggest anyone looking at senior care to call the Alliance and take advantage of Connie's expertise." Mark S., Traverse City 

The Right Home for Mom

"Connie Hintsala at the Alliance for Senior Housing has been amazing to be with. I won't say work with because she has a way about her that emits trust, care, concern, and genuine compassion for the ones we love most going through a very difficult change. To find the very best place for my best friend, my Mom was my mission. When I called Connie, she came over and met my Mom. They immediately hit it off and after talking with Connie, we had a good idea of what type of senior housing might be the best fit for my Mom's personality and activity level, it was independent living. We made a list of her needs and which places would be best. I set up appointments with Connie, and she insisted on driving each time. We toured numerous housing options. Every place we visited we were greeted with a warm welcome from both residents and staff. At that time my mom decided to stay downstate to be near other family members, but a couple of years later she wanted to move up near me. Connie spent hours working with my schedule to tour assisted living because that was the type of care Mom needed now. With Connie's guidance I was able to get my mom on a waiting list in a fantastic home. Mom moved in and loves it! This is an incredible service for those who need to find the best environment for their loved ones to flourish in. I'm very thankful for Connie doing all that she has done to assist our family in finding the best home for my Mom. I would highly recommend utilizing this wonderful service. She's an angel."  Rita M. Traverse CIty, MI 

Making Tough Decisions

"My parents, in their 90’s are wonderful individuals that I have cared for in our home for 16 years. I quickly discovered this past fall that I was no longer qualified to maintain their safety and health issues that were quickly changing. 
I contacted Connie. She was a wealth of knowledge with a warm, caring personality that put you at ease immediately. Shortly afterwards she picked me up at our house to go visit a couple of the assisted living facilities.   However, I didn’t have the heart to move them at the time. Connie never once pressured me, instead she encouraged me to take time and told me 

when the time was right, I would know.  
After months of watching the mental decline of both parents worsen and my father falling a few times trying to maintain things at the home, I knew it was time. I was overwhelmed and mentally exhausted and needed someone else to be the caregiver so I could have my “parents” back again.  I reached out to Connie again and she found an opening in one of the facilities we visited. She came over and met with mom and dad to help with the “transition” conversation.  They adored Connie and within minutes we were in her car headed to the assisted living facility to pick out an apartment and meet the staff.  Three weeks later they were moved and loving their new apartment and environment. 
Connie was a blessing to work with, giving encouragement every step of the way. She helped dismiss my anxiety and kept me informed through her knowledge and compassion for people. A crucial part of this process was Connie knew my parents had been married 74 years and she knew the importance of keeping them together no matter how much their health declined. She was able to place them in a facility where they may remain together until end of life. What a special gift for our family! God has placed her in the perfect job!"  Sandy G., Traverse City

Moving Mom to Traverse City

 "The responsibility of assisting a loved one with the decision of finding a residence appropriate for their needs is a daunting one. We knew we wanted our Mother in assisted living in Traverse City to be closer to us. We didn't know where or how to begin sorting through the details-not to mention the time it could take to see everything. When we were referred to the Alliance for Senior Housing we were so pleasantly surprised to find a no-fee service that provided personal tours and detailed overviews of senior facilities that fit our Mother's specific needs. We saw a wonderful cross-section of residences and chose the perfect place within 2 days. We can't thank Connie enough for providing the expertise and time to help us get where we needed to be."  

Bill & Janet M. Traverse City, MI 

Working Together

"Connie is one of the most compassionate, caring people I have ever had the privilege of working with. She is an amazing listener, and truly cares for the people she serves. Connie does not give up when things get tough, but is always willing to be creative and try to find a solution. She is always available to offer suggestions and to collaborate to get the job done!"  

Echo Dean- Counselor & Case Manager

Knowledgeable about Housing

 "The number and variety of housing options for seniors are mind boggling, and seniors and families facing a housing transition are often on edge--with emotions ranging from nervous to frightened. Thankfully, Connie has done her homework and brings to the process a solid knowledge of the options available. More importantly, she has years of experience in helping people through the decision-making process and can help anticipate and diffuse problems before they arise. My clients who have used the Alliance for help with housing transitions say that they appreciate the amount of stress and worry that Connie took off of their shoulders."  Greg Kish, Attorney & CELA of Scott Law, PC